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Co–Curricular Activities are an integral part of this institution. They are necessary both as a media of self expression of the individual and as an agency of personality growth. The urge for self activity in a child is great. So they have to be included in its curriculum. The outdoor activities satisfy the curiosity of the children.

 These activities also play a significant role in the emotional training of the students. They also cater to the aptitudes, interests and abilities of the pupils.

In the filed of co-curricular activities, the Vidyalaya is regularly providing a platform for the children in the weekly CCA periods, resulting the development of their creative activities.

 Class wise Inter House activities include a variety of weekly competitions in Recitation, Extempore, Declamation, News Reading, Painting, Music, Calligraphy and Dance.

The students of 1st shift of this vidyalaya are divided into five houses and 2nd shift into four houses to develop the spirit of healthy competition. In the year 2007-08, both shifts of the vidyalaya organized a number of cultural activities at Inter House level which include Poem Recitation in Hindi and English ,Quiz competition, antakshri Competition and Fancy Dress Competition with an identification to promote healthy competitive spirit among children.


1. Environment Club

2. Computer Skill

3. Participate Adolescent Program Conducted by KVS and NAVP Institute          

Social Science Exhibition

The Cluster level Social Science Exhibition was held on at KV Sanik Vihar on the 9th and 10th August cluster level.KV Sector-5 Dwarka took active part in the  exhibition & display Charts and models and working models on the Scientific development of Karnataka and Nepal under the able guidance of our Principal. Three models were selected on cluster    level  namely:                                                               1. Sharda Shangari Temple                                                     2. Flags of Nepal & India                                                3. Coorg Rly station of Karnataka                                    At Regional Social Science exhibition was held at Pragati Vihar on 17th Aug 07. he depiction lag of nepal and India were selected for national level.