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games and sports

In the history of K.V. Dwarka Sector-5, New Delhi last year mass participation of boys & girls in different games and sports like Kho- Kho girls, Kabaddi girls Cricket boys, badminton both boys and girls at regional level. 

  1. Cricket team (Boys) won at regional level 
  2. Cricket (boys) selected for K.V.S. national meets
  3. Badminton 1 girl selected for K.V.S. national meets.
  4. 2 Girls selected for Kabaddi for National

 Similarly coaching is also been done for this year like pervious year.

 Some purchase has been done for example Volley Ball, Badminton Racket, Foot Ball, dress for cricket, Kho-Kho, Kabaddi etc

The principal of Vidyalaya is willing to provide coaching in various activities at sports complex D.D.A. Dwarka Sector-10 on payment basis for forth coming Annual Sports day because the school has no proper place for Games activities. The permanant  school building is expected to start soon.